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Eating Made Easy!

Grabease is a revolutionary, patented design made by a Mum, for you and your Little One.

The unique shape and shorter handle encourage two different hand grasps, both horizontal and vertical, which advances fine motor skill development.

The added choke guard prevents the utensils going too far into the mouth, giving you peace of mind and enabling your baby to enjoy every meal independently!

Easy and Fun!

Grabease is designed to give toddlers the opportunity to eat independently with a proportional tool for their natural hand grasp and motion with a choke protection shield.

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Love this set! Our sweet girl is still learning how to use them but doing great with them so far! The color is teal beautiful.

Lillypad, May 2017

Perfect for little hands learning to feed themselves..bought these for my 21 month old niece.

Kelly G.

Amazing Product! Seems like such a logical solution for beginner eaters, how come nobody thought about this before?? 

Amir N.

Got these for my very independent 10 month old who seemed interested in feeding himself. Gonna get another set for Granny's house.

Tracy L.