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Occupational Therapist Assessment

As a pediatric occupational therapist, I am constantly on the lookout for new products that stimulate development and independence in children. I recently had the chance to observe a child using Grabease utensils.

The Grabease utensils are ergonomically designed to fit small hand sizes. The special feature of the ball-shaped handle promotes fine motor skill development. These utensils position small hands correctly to impact distal finger control and support appropriate palmer arch development. This is important for proper grip strength and facilitating the dynamic tripod grasp as the child grows.

The protection shield provides proprioceptive input and feedback to lips and which help prevent choking on the utensil. This safety feature encourages parent and child confidence in self-feeding. It should be noted that a child should never be left unattended while eating.

Overall, the Grabease utensils are a new to the market feeding product that can support developing children on several levels.

Michelle Taus, MA, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist

Self-Feeding Starter For Your Toddler


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Easy Handling

I've been following Grabease on instagram for a while now and have kind of just thought "oh it's just another fork and spoon thing.." until I saw a video they posted with a little kid trying to eat strawberries out of a bowl with a regular-sized kid fork and then he tried with the Grabease and it seemed so much easier for him! I ordered the orange pair for my 16 month old and have already noticed a difference. He still eats a lot with his hands because he hasn't been able to figure out the regular-sized kid fork but he's gradually using the Grabease fork more and more and he gets so excited when he's able to pick a piece of food up. I also LOVE that he's not able to shove the fork down his mouth because of the mouth guard on the Grabease fork.

Kristian K.
April 17, 2017